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A Fun and Educational Play Set

My 4-year-old son is absolutely obsessed with this Barnyard Friends Sensory Play Set! He asks to play with it every day after preschool, and he can easily stay engaged for at least 40 minutes. It's been a lifesaver for those after-school stretches of time when I need to get things done around the house.

The kit comes with a variety of sensory items that are perfect for little hands. The kinetic sand is soft and moldable, and it's great for helping kids develop their fine motor skills. The farm animal toys are adorable, and they've sparked my son's imagination in so many ways. He's been busy planting corn seeds (pretend, of course!) and making up stories about the farmer rushing to save his animals from a barn fire. This kit has been a great way for him to learn about animals and farming in a fun and engaging way.

One more thing. I find it super easy to clean up. The container with compartments keeps the sand contained and makes cleanup a breeze!

I highly recommend this to other moms. It's a well-made, educational, and entertaining toy that has provided hours of fun for my son.

A game-changer for keeping the kiddos engaged

There are three things that I absolutely love about this play set:
1) My two kids (3 & 5) LOVE it. They stay engaged in build out their farm, making up stories with the animals and feeding them. Its been about a month since we got it one and it is still their go-to toy. They ask for it virtually everyday and every time they play, they're coming up with new ways to use it.
2) I love the container because it keeps the sand well contained and is easy to pack away after play is done. It keeps our art+play area neat and minimizes my time in cleaning up after the kids are done.
3) As a stay at home mom, it gives me a time to take care of other things (or myself) without just giving them an iPad or turning on some cartoons.

Above and beyond

I must say I'm very happy with Blossom and Bloom..they go the extra mile to make sure you are happy and received our package...I know my Grandbabies are going love there gifts 🎁

Lucky Leprechaun Play Set
Alice (San Leandro, US)
Super cute and high quality

It’s hard to find toys that are visually appealing and eco friendly. But, this one does both. The Leprechaun is well made and super cute. I love the use of wood and organic cotton.
My son has been playing with it for about 2 weeks and he loves it. He asks to play with it every single day. He loves to hide the gem stones or the coins in the bowl of lentils. Every time he plays, I see him focusing on a different aspect of it - like scooping the lentils into another container or pretend playing.

Silicone Baby Elephant Puzzle
Patricia Kelly (Salem, US)
Elephant Toy

Very cute toy for baby/toddler. It’s nicely made and it can be played with and displayed.

Game Changer

So thankful to see my daughter walk away from her favorite show to play in the sand.
It was also cool to listen to her make up stories in her mind with the characters, well thought out. I discovered she thinks more than I realized. I stress when she watches shows because they teach her to be overly emotional and sometimes even too physical for her age.
This is a stress free and healthy way to get a break as a mom and get stuff done around the house.

Great product

Hearts & Flowers, Playdough Jar
krista schwindt (Creighton, US)

cute jar of great fun

Hearts & Flowers, Playdough Jar
Carol O (Aptos, US)
A big hit for 4+7 yo

These little containers packed a great value! Our 2 littles jumped right in and played to their hearts content. One was bringing us decorated “cookies” they made and the other was busy stamping and enjoying the sensory experience of all the materials. They make great gifts too!

Game changer!

Honestly, before these Playsets, I was lost in the world of developmental toys. What's good? What's not? Then Blossom & Bloom came along, and it's been a game-changer!

farm set

it was so cute. kiddo loved it and so did I

Beach set for my 4 year old!

My four year old girl loves doing sensorial activities . She has played with play dough a lot but not for more than 15-20 mins. When we gifted this to her on Christmas, she was hooked to it for an hour! She has since played with it many times. She loves pretend play, and the fact that this set comes with the perfect little toys- it just makes the beach come alive! The little details like umbrellas , jewels, tiny beach chairs, cute two dolls, tiny drink bottles, different color to represent for the ocean sand and beach sand makes it way too adorable and realistic. We have already made tons of memories with it and waiting for more:)

Once Upon A Farm, Playdough Kit
Nicole (San Francisco, US)
This little boy LOVES this playset

Forget the rest, Landon's obsessed with his Blossom & Bloom Kids Playset! My mama heart soars seeing him play & learn at the same time!

One of the best investments I’ve made as a Mom.

Nothing else keeps them more engaged. It can get a bit messy. But they both have that look of concentration every time they play. AND each time they are drawn to something else. FANTASTIC.


Move over, princess dolls and robot cars! My daughter is HEAD OVER HEELS for her Blossom & Bloom Play Kits! Each new one is like a treasure chest, unlocking hours of imaginative fun. They're her go-to toys, day after day, week after week. It's clear the people behind these kits really get kids - the textures, the themes, everything is just perfect for sparking her creativity. If you're looking for toys that go beyond the usual plastic fluff, Blossom & Bloom is a goldmine!

My twins are OBSESSED with their Blossom & Bloom Kits

Forget the fancy toys with flashing lights and blaring sounds! My twins are OBSESSED with their Blossom & Bloom Kits! Honestly, it's the best money I've ever spent on toys. They play with them longer than anything else, completely captivated by the textures, colors, and possibilities. No batteries, no annoying noises, just pure, imaginative fun. It's amazing watching their little minds work as they explore, create, and learn. Trust me, you won't regret giving your child the gift of Blossom & Bloom!

All You Need Is L-O-V-E, Playdough Kit
Melanie Cervantes (Santa Cruz, US)
So cute & kept my guy entertained!

This set was so cute & could be used all year long for so many different activities. My son was entertained for a while & absolutely loved the little piggies! The play dough is well made & super soft, not crusty like regular play dough. Definitely a hit!

Perfect size kit!

My son loves this dino kit. Everything comes in a bag so it’s easy to travel with. The play dough doesn’t dry out and you get several themed objects to go with it including wood dinos to paint!!

The quality of this set is AMAZING!!!!! I can’t wait to purchase it again in the future for gifting! Along with many of your other products !!!!

All the fun and learning in one kit!

We ordered the sprinkles and cream bloom bag. It quickly became one of my kids favorite activities! The dough is soft (and beautiful), everything is there to complete the theme, and every tool needed (and more) is included. It’s awesome to take on an airplane or on the go because everything fits back into the portable bag. I love that my kids play so happily, making items, using their coins to buy them, etc, and as they play they are learning so much!! It’s a perfect kit!

Wonderful Perfect Tea Party Set with Playdough is worth the hype

Quality of products is top notch, well timely delivery and also very comfortable pricing

Outdoor Explorer, Play Set with Kinetic Sand
Bailey Military Family Support Group (Denver, US)
So much fun!!!!

This fun kit has so many sensory items! It is endless fun for kiddos of various ages! We absolutely love it!

Sea Animal Silicone Fidget & Bath Toy (3pcs)
Pete Aragon (Colorado Springs, US)

ordered these for my granddaughter, she hasn't seen them as of this time. The items look well made and don't smell of chemicals like some from China.

Mermaid Seascape, Playdough Kit
Shannon (Cape Coral, US)
Perfect Screen Free Playtime

These kits are the perfect way to kick off summer fun for my kids by using their imaginations ina unique, screen free way! Great quality products with cute, well thought out accessories. This mama will definitely purchase again!

Absolutely love the kit. The materials are great. The whole set is very cute.

Dinosaur Quest, Playdough Kit with Paintable Dinosaurs
Bailey Military Family Support Group (Colorado Springs, US)

I absolutely LOVE that you can paint the dinosaurs! This is the perfect little sensory kit for any dinosaur lover! We used this for both boys and girls of various ages!