Our Values

Blossom & Bloom Kids designed to inspire creativity with child rolling dough with white rolling pin

Designed for learning

Our products are more than just toys. They are colorful, tactile and fun ways to spark your child’s curiosity and learning. Every detail is designed with love and care, to offer a playful and stimulating experience. 

Blossom & Bloom Kids clean, products with clean, non-toxic materials man shaving sustainable forest wood

Clean and non-toxic

We source safe, non-toxic materials like sustainable-forest wood, food-grade silicone, and environmentally friendly water-based paints ensuring your child plays with peace of mind.

Blossom & Bloom Kids clean, products designed for organization & storage in bags and containers with clear plastic lids

Organized in and out

Each product includes a storage option that facilitates both play and portability. Additionally, our Bloom Boxes are designed to be stackable for enhanced convenience.

Our Story

More than just toys, Blossom & Bloom Kids is a passion project born from a mama's love and the magic of sensory play.

Imagine a world where sandcastles aren't just sandcastles, but journeys to distant beaches. Where play dough isn't just for molding, but for sculpting dreams. This is the world of Blossom & Bloom Kids, where sensory play isn't just fun, it's a beautiful garden where imagination blossoms and little minds bloom.

Poonam, a mother of two, saw firsthand the power of sensory play when her daughter struggled with anxiety and social interaction. Witnessing the calming and therapeutic effects of tactile exploration, she knew she had to share this magic with others.

Poonam's story is woven into the very fabric of our brand.

Blossom & Bloom Kids founder Poonam Parag passionate about passionate about creating fun and engaging (screen-free) activities that stimulate the senses and promote learning and development in children

Hi, I am Poonam.

When my daughter struggled with social anxiety, the world of sensory play blossomed, offering a calming path forward. Witnessing the transformative power firsthand, I knew I had to share this gift with other families.

But Blossom & Bloom Kids is more than just a solution; it's a philosophy. We believe in the magic of open-ended, screen-free exploration. Our curated kits, filled with colorful textures and tactile treasures, become springboards for imagination and learning.

Sustainability and ethical production are core to our values. We source safe, non-toxic materials like sustainable-forest wood and food-grade silicone, ensuring your child plays with peace of mind.

Join our community of curious explorers! From calming sand textures to playful play dough creations, our sensory materials nurture fine motor skills, cognitive development, and emotional regulation. Watch your child's imagination bloom as they engage in pretend play with our curated toys, each themed for adventure and discovery.

Mermaid Seascape, Playdough Kit - Mermaid Seascape, Playdough Kit - Blossom & Bloom Kids

Blossom & Bloom Kids is more than just a brand; it's a movement. We're passionate about empowering parents with the tools and knowledge to cultivate joyful learning experiences. Join us on social media for DIY activities, expert tips, and heartwarming stories of little hands blooming through play.

Together, let's watch imaginations blossom, one playful moment at a time!